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 INSTINCT. :3 The first story on ACV-

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Libra Rat
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PostSubject: INSTINCT. :3 The first story on ACV-   Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:19 am

Arrow Arrow You be readin' Gooood! Welcome

Chapter 1:

Gwendolyn read the note her hands trembling as she read it.

I am after you. When I find you, you’ll be dead, right there, right then, and there is nothing you can do about it. Try to run, but I’ll always know where you are, the slightest squeal, I hear about you, I am following it. Coming after you, then… Right there, right then. The moment my eyes see you. Just to be a forewarned. Your going to DIE, whether you want it or not. Just the truth… .

Who in this world could possibly be after her. Collapsing on her bed, she didn’t feel safe. No one could no who she was. This person, knew, who she was and what she looked like. She had to change everything, about her. But she couldn’t… Going to places would mean being seen… Being seen meant that, the person… Could ask if anyone had saw her… Or maybe be in that place himself. It wasn’t worth it to take a chance, anyone could be the person. Even her best friend.

Finally, she grabbed her bags, and a couple scarves, she draped one over her head, then one over her mouth, so only her eyes were shown. She tied the scarves in the back, so no one could no who she was. On top of that she put on a black cloak.

Heading to the door she slipped on some army boots, It was raining out, and windy. Gwendolyn clasped her cloak closed and hurried for the bus.

“One ticket to, Fareway.” She mumbled so the bus driver couldn’t hear her voice that well. Handing him the bells she scurried to the back of the bus. Smushing herself against the window, she mumbled a quiet goodbye to the town she knew and loved, but she had to go someone, or something was after her.


Fareway wasn’t as great as she thought it would be. It was like the underworld, of the Animal world. All the sudden, someone she recognized came up to, her.

“Hi!! I am Tangy, welcome to fareway, okay so yeah! Who are you?!” Tangy was hyper, why had she moved here. Had she gotten the letter to…

“Tangy, it’s me…” Gwendolyn said in a hushed voice.

“Gwen? Did you-?” Tangy quietly said to Gwen.

“I got a letter… A creepy one, telling me that he’s after me. I don’t know WHO he is….” Gwendolyn said nervously. They started to walk, and talk to each other in a hush voice.

“Wow, you came to the wrong place then. I regret moving here…” Tangy had a worried tone in her voice.

“I know, I hate it here, it’s like…” Gwen shuddered, “Anyone you know get a letter,”

“No… You’re the only one so far…. But why you?” Tangy looked confused.

“That is my question, why me?” Gwen replied.[i]
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Aries Pig
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PostSubject: Re: INSTINCT. :3 The first story on ACV-   Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:43 am

Nice Story Very Happy

Ilikestitchy-Owner/Head Admin of ACV
PM Me if you need anything Very Happy

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Taurus Rat
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PostSubject: Re: INSTINCT. :3 The first story on ACV-   Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:39 pm

Great job! Are you gonna make another chapter? Smile

Co-Admin of ACV.
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PostSubject: Re: INSTINCT. :3 The first story on ACV-   

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INSTINCT. :3 The first story on ACV-
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